In Case of Emergency: What My Family Should Know


Compiling all my personal info into a doc for my family is something I put off for decades because I didn't have clarity about what to put together, where I should keep it or even how I could ever keep the doc updated.

Now that my kids are grown and gone, this seemed more important than ever so I actually took action on this much-avoided task. The good news is that once I made the template, it wasn't difficult (or even very time-consuming) to fill out: 10 minutes a day and it was done in a week.

There are two ways to fill out the form:

  1. Print it and then store the doc in your safety deposit box.
  2. Fill out the editable PDF and store it in your computer password program.
    Most password programs sort alphabetically so here's a trick to keep the doc at the top of your password list: Rename the doc: a_ICE: For my family.

Here's how to keep the doc up-to-date:
Set a reminder on your calendar to review & update it every six months.

See below for detailed instructions on how to fill it out.


In Case of Emergency - What My Family Should Know

Date this document was last updated: ____________________
Date I will review this document: _______________________ (Mark your calendar!)
Set a reminder on your calendar to review and update this doc. If you are using a digital calendar, make it recurring.


In case of emergency, please notify these people:

•• 1. ____________________________________
•• 2. ____________________________________
•• 3. ____________________________________

These people can be family, friends or professional advisors. Whenever you see the double dots (••), that means all contact information can be found in your contacts list. Every time you update this doc, double-check that everyone's current phone, email etc is in there.


About me

My full legal name: ____________________ State of legal residence: ________________
Date of birth: __________________ Place of birth: ______________________________
Spouse/Partner: _______________ Location of marriage certificate: ______________
Children: ______________________________________________________________________
I have created a will:   Yes    No
My will can be found here: ______________________________________

My personal information

Social Security #: ______________ Taxpayer ID # : _______________________
Passport #: ___________________ City/State of issue: _______________________
Expiration date: _______________I am a citizen of: ______________________
Location of citizenship papers/passport: __________________________
I have a post office box at: _______________ Combination: _______________

Enter all the applicable information right here in the document.



Medical - _________________  Supplemental -  _______________________
  Medicare ID #_____________  Life -  ________________________________
Homeowners - ____________ Auto -  ________________________________
Mortgage - ________________ Other insurance -  ____________________

Whenever you see single dots (), that means additional information can be found in the password program on your computer. In this document, just list the company you are using for each of the insurance provider.
In your password program, title each item as follows: “Insurance-Medical-Blue Cross” or “Insurance-Auto-Allstate”. This will keep all your insurance password items grouped together as they will be listed alphabetically in the program.
For each item, be sure and include the policy #, exact name on account and your agent's name (if any.)

Professional Advisors

•• Financial advisor: ______________   •• Accountant: __________________________
•• Attorney: ______________________   •• Power of Attorney: ____________________
I have an advanced directive   Yes   No
•• My health care power of attorney: _________________________
I have a will   Yes   No      •• My Executor/Personal representative: _____________
I have a trust   Yes   No   •• My Trust attorney: _________________________________
My old tax returns can be found at: _______________________________________

Enter the full name of each person and double-check that their contact info is current in your list of contacts.


My personal tech information

Apple ID: ___________________    Apple password: _________________ 
Microsoft ID: ________________    Microsoft password: _____________ 
The password to my computer password program is: ____________
My computer login is: ______________________________
A full computer backup (hard drive) can be found here: ______________________________________________________
My cell phone # and password: ________________________
Email(s): ______________________________________________
Website(s): ____________________________________________
Other notes:

If you have multiple emails/websites, list the emails/domains above. Create one password item titled "Email" and within that, list each email as well and login info and where the email is hosted. Create a second password item titled "Website" and within that, list each website, where it is hosted, and login info. Also include where the domain is held and login info for that account.



•• Primary care physician: ______________  
•• Dentist: ______________________________
•• Eye Dr: _______________________________  
•• Other Drs: ___________________________

Other important medical details:

When adding medical practitioners to your contact list, also indicate their specialty (i.e. Dr. Beth Harrison, Primary care)



Dates of service: ______________   Serial #/Grade: _______________
Honors/Decorations: _________________________________________
Location of discharge papers: ________________________________


Income accounts

If all your income accounts are handled by a financial advisor, do not create password items for each category listed below.
•• All my investments are handled by: ___________________

•• Retirement/401K:   Yes  No
•• IRA Account:   Yes  No
•• Pension Plan:    Yes  No
•• Cryptocurrencies:    Yes  No
•• Stocks/Bonds    Yes  No
•• Social Security:    Yes  No
•• Outstanding loans:    Yes  No
•• Cryptocurrencies:    Yes  No

If you have multiple accounts for any of the above categories, create one password item for each category and keep all the account info in one place (i.e. “Stocks/Bonds” would include ALL your stock and bond investment information.) Include account #, registered name on the account, and login information as well as the location of any loan document(s). For personal outstanding loans, also include the person you loaned the money to and the date/original amount of the loan.


Personal property

Primary residence:  I own the property free & clear  (If yes, check the box.)
I have a mortgage with: ____________________________________
Other real estate: _________________________________________  
Hidden assets (cash, jewelry...): _____________________________
Non-hidden assets (car, boat...): _____________________________
Personal safe location: ______________
Location of key: _______ or combination: _______

If you own “Other real estate”, create a password item and include all relevant details. If it is owned outright, where the title is kept; and if there is a mortgage(s), the institutions that hold the deed(s). Include login information.


Liability accounts

Bank loan/mortgage -  Yes  No     Personal loans -   Yes  No
Bank loan/HELOC -  Yes  No          Other loans -   Yes  No
Other bank loans -  Yes  No           Credit cards -   Yes  No

Title each password item as labelled above. If you choose to have unique password items for each credit card, use additional descriptors to differentiate (i.e “Credit Card - BankName - Personal” or “Credit Card - BankName - Business.”) Each password item should include the name on account, account #, login credentials, and the location of any paper documents (if any.)


Bank accounts

Checking -  Yes  No    
Savings -   Yes  No
Safety deposit box: Yes  No         
Bank: ____________ Key can be found here: __________________

If you have multiple checking or savings accounts, you may create unique password items for each one (i.e. “Checking - BankName - Personal” or “Checking - BankName - Business”. Include the registered name on each account, account #, and login credentials.



At the root of all great organization is "A place for everything and everything in its place." Whether your brain is strongly wired in this brain skill or not, organization of all the above details can be difficult and just about everyone puts it off. Like organizing the attic, cleaning out the shed, or maybe even updating a will, we always think there will be time to do it later.

Here's a tip to getting the above doc completed:
Get out a timer and just put in 10 minutes a day.


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