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Do you have dreams and goals that aren't getting fulfilled?

Don't let another year go by without taking action


Do you manage time well...
or are you at the mercy of it?

Are you writing that book yet?

Is your To Do list growing faster than your ability to manage it?


Make progress immediately

After all the failures, I've found that a lot of people have lost confidence and even hope in their ability to achieve their goals. They are often stuck in the inertia that comes from procrastinating - or not knowing what to do first.

Some want to write a book, others want to make a career change.
Others just want to stay on top of the day.

If only that desire could achieve results! But it won't.

Desire will keep us going.
But if we want to start making progress with these things,
we need an approach to our ongoing challenges that works.

And we need it now.

That's why I created Go Brain, Go!

Mary Ellen Baker
Creator, Go Brain, Go!

"I'm 66 years old and if I have known about how to support my brain skills earlier, I could have realized my dream of becoming a doctor."

GoBrainGo makes it easy


Brain-based videos

Quickly discover how your specific brain
works and what it needs to:

• focus more deeply
• finish never-ending projects
• give attention to tedious tasks
• stop being overwhelmed at work
• prioritize your work & personal life

Access the videos and resources on your phone
Our platform is completely mobile-friendly.


Personalized, live support

Twice a month, join a 30 minute Q & A.
These are live with Mary Ellen and a place to get one-on-one help.

Join and ask questions or just join and listen. Either way, your time will always be well spent.

I am committed to your success.

Behind-the-scenes support

When you subscribe, you receive emails with a cartoon about a brain skill challenge and a link to the video that will support it.

50% of the cortex is dedicated to imagery so sending a cartoon means your brain will get the information
without reading.

The best emails are short but sweet...


Private community

Join our community of like-minded busy professionals who are getting things done with this new brain-based approach. This private Facebook group is available to subscribers of GoBrainGo and anyone who has taken the Brain-based Time Management class.

Support each other to achieve your goals and realize your dreams: one executive function skill at a time.

Are you ready to experience success too?

"I found GoBrainGo useful and easy to follow. Back in January, I got a filing system in place and put all my papers put away. Now it's almost April and I can't believe I've actually stuck with it! So glad I signed on to this."



Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal and we want this decision to be 100% risk-free so you can focus on learning. If you decide the videos didn't deliver on their promise for any reason, just let us know and we'll refund your payment.


Once I connected the dots between getting things done and the brain,
it became my mission to share this discovery with other busy professionals.

Since then, I’ve hit personal milestones like publishing my own workbooks, reaching my first thousand students, and working with huge organizations. But my biggest accomplishment is helping people like you train your brain around the pitfalls of modern-day productivity.

Every week I hear from people who confirm what I have seen time and again:
When you turn your attention to working with your brain instead of against it, you will be floored by what you can do.

When you join Go Brain, Go!, you also get access to live Q & A group sessions. Join and ask questions - or join and just listen. Either way, I guarantee you'll get something personal and valuable from the time spent.

See you inside Go Brain, Go!

~ Mary Ellen Baker
Founder of The Time Professionals and Creator of Go Brain, Go!

Here are all of the brain skills


Executive functioning skill of Task Initiation - stack of filing
Task Initiation
Executive functioning skill of Sustained Attention - squirrel look here
Sustained Attention
Executive functioning skill of Goal-directed Persistence - the finish line
Goal-Directed Persistence
Executive functioning skill of Mental Flexibility - eat ice cream with a fork
Mental Flexibility
Executive functioning skill of Working Memory - ribbon on finger
Working Memory
Executive functioning skill of Organization - put like with like
Planning & Prioritization
Executive functioning skill of Time Management - analog watch
Time Management
Executive functioning skill of Metacognition - thinking about my thinking
Executive functioning skill of Response Inhibition - phone distractions
Response Inhibition

We are completely unique

I am excited to tell you that you won't find an online brain-based approach like GoBrainGo anywhere on the internet.

We give you the keys to understand exactly what your brain needs so you can get around whatever hurdles have kept you from fulfilling your dreams and reaching your goals.

Hop in and buckle up!


"I graduated top of my class in engineering at UCLA but scored myself weak in almost every one of these skills. I honestly wasn't that surprised - but right after I started using some of these ideas, I can say unequivocally that my life was changed for the better. Thank you!"


"I loved your approach of understanding the way brains work. I was really fascinated by the knowledge. I feel like I have a better understanding of my brain, in addition to ways in which to best work around it."

Join the crowd

Go Brain, Go! is the online component of The Time Professionals. Our tools and strategies have been shared with thousands of busy professionals in business trainings with these companies:

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Brain-based time management: Home Forward logo
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Get started now and leave the hurdles behind

What your registration gives you:

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