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GoBrainGo is the fast track to:

 A workday with less stress.
• Accomplishing whatever has eluded you.
A life experience that is productive, satisfying, and enjoyable.

support your emotional brain and increase your ability to be present

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Support the executive function skill of planning: prioritize your to dos


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Support the executive function skill of sustained attention: squirrel squirrel


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"I'm 66 years old and if I have known about how to support my brain skills earlier, I could have realized my dream of becoming a doctor."

Go Brain, Go! is the online component of The Time Professionals. Our tools and strategies have been shared with thousands of busy professionals in business trainings across the country.

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Hi, I'm Mary Ellen Baker

I'm so glad you're here.

GoBrainGo was created to show you how to tap into the strength of your brain and take control of your life. 

I have seen people use these brain-based tools and strategies to change careers, self-publish, start a new business, walk sections of the PCT, enjoy their work again, and way more.

The key is to know where and how to focus your attention.

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"I’ve had trouble managing my time since time immemorial. 70% of my job involves writing so I’m forever on deadline. I almost always meet my deadlines but it’s often right down to the wire. I’m a visual learner so the visual tools helped me grasp the concepts and learn the techniques. Stop procrastinating and start being punctual."


"I started using some of these ideas and I can say unequivocally
that my life was changed for the better. Thank you!"

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Customer satisfaction is my #1 goal and I want this decision to be 100% risk-free so you can focus on learning. If you decide the videos didn't deliver on their promise for any reason, just let me know and I'll refund your full payment.
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