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Brain-based time management - person overwhelmed by interreruptions

Are interruptions driving you crazy?

GoBrainGo can help you focus your attention whether you're working remotely or at the office.

Brain-based time management - person overwhelmed by task list

Is your To Do list overwhelming?

GoBrainGo is overflowing with easy-to-follow techniques to help you plan and finish those To Dos. 

Brain-based time management: stack of filing

Do you procrastinate on certain tasks?

GoBrainGo has simple solutions to help you get over the hurdle of getting started.

Your Time Is Valuable

You can spend hours reading about new time management systems, testing out planning software or watching more YouTube videos on organization. But why bother? Once you've taken our Brain Skills Quiz or read about the 10 brain skills, you'll find out exactly what YOUR brain needs.

Going straight to the source: The Brain

GoBrainGo is packed with high-quality, original videos that are organized with the brain in mind.

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GoBrainGo has tools and strategies for these brain skills:

Executive functioning skill of Task Initiation - stack of filing
Task Initiation
Executive functioning skill of Sustained Attention - squirrel look here
Sustained Attention
Executive functioning skill of Goal-directed Persistence - the finish line
Goal-Directed Persistence
Executive functioning skill of Mental Flexibility - eat ice cream with a fork
Mental Flexibility
Executive functioning skill of Working Memory - ribbon on finger
Working Memory
Executive functioning skill of Organization - put like with like
Planning & Prioritization
Executive functioning skill of Time Management - analog watch
Time Management
Executive functioning skill of Metacognition - thinking about my thinking
Executive functioning skill of Response Inhibition - phone distractions
Response Inhibition

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